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The New Year...
And so it begins.
I have not really had to much free time to think about the New Year.
Halloween came and went so fast I really never had the chance to enjoy it.
And before I knew it Thanksgiving ran so fast into Christmas Eve that now here I sit
as it turns from January 2nd into January 3erd.
For three months I worked and spent so much time sick it flew by.
Now I look ahead to the New Year. To all that I have to work at and accomplish.
It's not going to be easy but there is a love to all this work.
This last year was not waisted but I feel I did not work hard enough on my goals.
I have to make money to survive and stay ahead of bills so I can work in the studio.
But I think it's time to cut back a little on the day job and put all my real energy into my work.
The next few months are going to be the hardest with all this work to complete and
new work to start.
I miss getting excited over attending conventions and it's why I have not attended any
as a guest in so long.
Without having a finished Keepers product in hand. showing up just to draw for people
didn't do anything for me. But that is going to change by Spring and I am excited to start
booking a few conventions for spring & summer.
So here I toast the New Year and all that it will bring me.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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Hope to run into you at a convention or two this year.

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