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the last few days...
It has been so draining this week. the heat,the crap at work, bills , Bear's ongoing trips to the vet and the realization that this is going to be an all work summer.
I have so much unfinished work and my stomach is just a mess from all the stress.
(wish I was rich)
I'm sitting here at 2:44 Sunday morning July 18th. Cowboy Bebop is on the t.v. and I have some Welsh cookies to comfort me. (by the way. these rock!)
I think I would just give up on everything if not for so many good friends to talk to and have my back.
I am really blessed with such good friends.
I may have talent but if not for my friends I would not have a book being done or getting work as a storyboard artist.
My friends hand me these chances. so all I have to do is do my best not to let them down and shine with great work.
When I needed help because of finances it was my friends who were there when I had no where else to turn.
I only have one real fear. and that's that I will let everyone down.
I said I wish I was rich. Well in a lot of ways I am. If you count my wealth by the friends I have.
This note was going to be about the last few days and it turns into something else...

Saturday when Elle and I got back from the emergency vet.We decided to stay up and head out anyway to the Highland Games. I needed the distraction and my Mom wanted me to go get her some Scotch pies. (Which did not happen because the pie people raised there prices WAY to high) so maybe next month I'll bake some for her myself from scratch.
But we walked around in the unbearable heat had something to eat and picked up some hard to get food. Did I mention the Welsh Cookies!
and I picked up two used King Arthur books. one is "The Return of King Arthur The Legend through Victorian Eyes" the second is "The Landscape of King Arthur" which was really photo rich. I love getting used really cheep books. We only stayed a couple of hours because the heat was to much to take and I think we just wanted to get back home to Bear and some sleep.
Bear has been doing well and he took really well to the new food he has to eat. He's not out of the woods just yet,but I feel something will be done soon so this won't happen again to him.
weather it's the food he has to be on or surgery to keep from ever being blocked again.
I just want things in the house back to normal with the cats.

I have lots of work to do tomorrow and planning out pages and storyboards.
But I now have a couple of books to read and maybe some inspiration will strike which would put me in a much better mood. for the moment I don't have to worry about Bear or my Mom and other then this heat that is so distracting. Maybe I can get myself in a much better frame of mind

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(Deleted comment)
they are the best! with tea or coffee. you really should order some.
and if you keep up on my facebook,you know he had another bad day and another trip to the ER Vet. he's stable and in four hours he'll be at the regular Vet.
So lets all hope things will at last get back to normal.

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