Happy Summer Solstice...
It's been some time since I blogged here or anywhere.
I have been busy and free time has been hard to come by.
The main reason for this blog right now is to just put some things in perspective.
In 20 days I'll be turning 43. Yup on July 11th. I will be celebrating it all that weekend
at CT-Con alone or with people.at this time I have no idea.
Now for something scary that happened to me.On June 17 about 9:45 I blacked out while at
the vet with my cat Bear (I hit the floor). Now this was followed by a second blackout while sitting.
The EMT's were called in to check me out and it turns out I had low blood pressure.
there is a little more,But what it comes down to is I have to start eating right and getting a little more sleep then I do. Also,I need to take time away from the day job and soon.
Now In the last month I also can add Storyboard artist to my skills.More on this when all is said and done. I will say that from what I can see is that I will be working with some great and talented people.
I have so much work ahead of me.
And maybe...just maybe,I'll be able to attend Pennsic.
So a Happy Summer Solstice! and may this be a fruitful fun summer for all.
(but I must admit I am a fall person)

wow! the Tardis as a cave painting!
yes the show has been around a long time...just did not think it was around "this long"


quote of the day by ,me.
sometimes meeting one of your heroes is a bad thing. But for me,It has always made my life fuller.

As an Artist...a little history,part 2.
So Keepers issue 1 is out in 1991.
I quickly work on issue 2 while doing any convention or comic show no matter how small would have me. I make enough for the second book in two months and in January 1992 issue 2 is released.
Now even with ok sales I was not happy with it.
It just was not looking the way I wanted it to look.(I was rushing it not thinking it through)
I put out Keeper 3 as an ash-can or (mini-comic) and then decided to put Keepers on hold till I can work out what I didn't like about it.
I think it was The spring of 1993 I met Warren Lapine at a small con at UMASS. We hit it off really well and he was working on a scifi magazine.
Now a big jump to 1996. I'm working for Media Play as a staff artist doing airbrush and advertising work. still hanging around friends like Mark Bode and local artist and doing artwork for myself but always writing and reworking Keepers.
I go through a lot of personal things that life throws at just about everyone.guess it was my turn.
February 28 1997,my Dad passes away from a stroke.
I feel like I waisted to much time.I get a job working as a driver for the federal reserve making great money.For four years I do this job working 50 hour weeks and hardly drawing.
this job ate away at me so much.I hated it.
December 2001,my job is outsourced and I end up at a gas station.I went from 1,200 a week after taxes to 300 a week.(job security my ass)a year into this job an old artist friend just happens in
before heading home to the west coast.(It's at this moment for the first time of my life I felt shame)He is shocked to see me working a gas station when he thought I was a great artist.
as he left it ate at me all night.
No more! I am not doing anything anymore to appease people and what they think is a normal job.
look at where it got me.
April 2004.I take a job as a food server so I can have free up time to work on my comic and other works of art. I have done a few conventions over the last few years at this time as a freelance artist and have gotten back in touch with old friends and creative people I have missed.

Spring 2009,because of the internet and facebook I get a hello from Warren Lapine who I had met back in 1993. He's a publisher now and lives out in VA. Asks how I'm doing and I don't hold back on how bad things were and starting over is not easy.He then tells me he'll publish Keepers as a graphic novel if I want. (This throws me) and so the long hard proses to put it all together as a 150 page volume with more volumes to be released afterwords.

Today...March 12th 2010.With luck in four to six weeks all will be ready.
I feel and know this is my second chance at living out my creative goals.
The next steps will be nothing but hard work,but work I enjoy and I feel this is my time.Keepers was never supposed to come out so long ago because I had not had the life lessons I have now.

So much to do,but I'm happier now then I have been in years.

and that is a very little history about this artist...

As an Artist...a little history,part 1.
There are times I feel like I know nothing of how to draw and when people ask me 'how I do what I do',I have no way to tell them other then I see the pictures in my head and then I put it down on paper.(sometimes three or four times till it looks right)
But where did this start?
I don't want to go to far back,but I can say I have been drawing all my life since I could pick up a pencil.
A really short background to help understand.My Dad was a musician who became a truck driver when he got out of the air force and my Mom was an artist from England. So I grew up with a lot of influences from them. now what is strange is that it was my Dad showing me how to draw airplanes when I was maybe 5, and that just led me to drawing all the time.

Now a big jump to age 14 and my oldest sister brought me to my first comic convention. (little did I know this would end up as my yearly past time) I met many comic creators and even got to watch many of them draw,which when I got home I found I could almost mimic there techniques.
At age 15 in 1984 I got my first real comic job doing color separations for an indi comic book in windsor CT.(the details don't matter because the book folded only after a few issues and all I did was color) but onto the job I did was a real learning experience.
Back then you did everything in gray tones for red,yellow and blue which were made into overlays and this took a long time. and it was all done by hand with brush.(oh the good old days...NOT!)

By the time I was 17 most of the artist I met were into one of four kinds of art.
1. gray tones 2.straight ink w/cross-hatching 3.duoshade (see link) http://www.visualeditors.com/apple/2009/09/end-of-an-era-graphix-company-discontinues-duoshade/
4.then there was zipatone.yup,I loved that stuff. screen tones was the way to go for me when I was not doing cross-hatching.

Now we will skip more then a few years because of school and being in more then a few bands.
(But in all that time I never stopped drawing and writing stories for myself and attending conventions)
In the winter/spring of 1989 I had an idea while sitting in a restaurant with my best friend and fellow artist Rob. It had a title 'Keepers',but it was a far cry from what I would end up writing years later.
By February 1991 I had moved from Salem MA back to CT.
While sitting in The Haymarket Cafe With Rob I found out most if not all my old friends had moved onto real careers in their fields of art.
I felt left behind...So I made a mad dash to self publish Keepers and before August 1991 issue 1 was released.

*To Be Continued*

(no subject)
please don't mind me if what you are about to read goes all over the place.
I may be a good story teller but feelings and thoughts about that which means so much to me tends to just go all over the place as I brainstorm my emotions down on a keyboard. and mind I don't really type well at all.
I'll begin with that as much as I wanted to attend Wicked Fair,this year I was playing with the idea of not going because I had so many other things on my plate that I wanted to do.
Then last week news broke through the ranks of so many friends and extended family that Dirk had died.
I could go on as to what may have happened but that matters little now because what does matter is that a friend to so many was gone.
Now with this news I and so many others needed to be with those we loved.
Wicked Fair was a go! I had to be there.I had to see my friends and be at the midnight toast to Dirk.
Many people I had not seen in years and some I did not know what to say.But as I pulled into the hotel Friday night Lochlan and Keeley were the fist two people I saw before I even had a chance to unload the car hugs were exchanged and a feeling of home came over me. (I had missed hearing "Kie" called out)
Now I'm going to hold here for a moment on these two people.Lochlan and Keeley are two people I have been around so much over the years but never talked at length with.But all weekend they were there always making me feel apart of them like family.again my life is richer for there friendship that has always been there.
I hope I don't hurt anyone I miss here,but I am just jumping around. after checking into the room.(a big thank you to John Cholewa for letting Elle and I share your room) went to the Bar,Gypsy and Tim along with Keeley and Lochlan and a few others...this is a big part of my extended family.once again I felt like this was home.see it's not a place,It's the People.
Q.B. Vikki ,Neil it's crazy how much I miss these people and then Saturday so many others. Iz and her husband, I at last got to meet and he is a great guy.(Iz I have known since 1989 my first Pennsic)
What is so strange is I'm closer to some of these people then my own family.
Thinking of Pennsic...Vikki,Iz. I hope the three of us can be there this year even for a short time at Kindred. and to my Timberwolfe extended family,as I type this I'm drinking milk from my 10th anniversary yule feast glass. (good times)
Wicked Fair was fun and I did not get to see as much as I wanted to but seeing the people meant more to me. Next year I'll see more of the fair and what it has to offer.
the toast to Dirk at midnight went off. and right after words I sat in a chair with Vixen and Iz and looked at all these people I have missed. I won't let myself be away from them for so long a time ever again.
To all those in VA and LA at midnight we were all together for a moment.That's a lot of love.
Sorry this was not a report about Wicked Fair but why I was there.

I will be doing the con thing to launch Keepers and that means maybe being near by to meet up with some of you out there,and there is with a lot of work going to be a Pennsic for me this year.
I won't be there for the full two weeks but at least 5 days.

all my best and love to my extended family and friends.

WickedFair 2010

The Car,Clothes and Such...oh and word on Artwork!!!
I start this with some sadness.I have no words to say what I should maybe be able to say about this friend to so many. Many years ago (what feels like another life time) I met a very cool cat,Dirk. He is now no longer with us and I feel a loss for losing touch,but not just with him but others also.
For any who don't know him...http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/artsdesk/general/2010/02/16/dirk-smiler-prominent-washington-goth-is-dead/
A large group of people from the East coast to the West coast are to say the least, numb.

Me...I now don't know what to write.

What has been going on? Well the car is at last being fixed and it will be like a new car in maybe a week.
So that's a big 'woo-hoo'.
I was thinking of not doing Wicked Faire because of money and the car and how do I get there...and now something in me has changed. It's not because I want to start the ball rolling with handing out fliers on KEEPERS. But some of the people I would be seeing at Wicked Faire are also some of the people I have lost touch with and miss.
In other news,I found a ebay site with some really nice clothes. http://stores.ebay.com/youstarsshop
and yes I already ordered from it.
I also got a new pair of boots,and yes that makes me happy! need to water proof them tonight before I can wear them outside.

Artwork! so much to do and so little free time. But I can not wait to show off so much of what I have planned out and even some work that has nothing to do with Keepers.That's right I have been doing superhero stuff just for the fun of it. I really am starting to just hit my writing and drawing groove.

I am stressed,but getting better.

To all my friends,Be safe and Happy.

So it's been some time since I posted some good music.Music moves me and keeps
the ideas rolling.
First up.
videos from
Maximum The Hormone

Now for

High and Mighty Color

Blind Guardian

And now for what the room mate who shares my studio has been playing
Lady Gaga

So that's what's been playing,alone with some soundtracks.

enjoy and be well all.

Already the 17th of January 2010...
This month is flying by. I am trying to get so much done and I just feel like I'm standing still.
My writing has been going well but it's time to get all the art work caught up to were Vol 2 of Keepers is at on the written level.
We took down all the Christmas stuff down today and it's nice to see the house back to it's self.
I also got the best nights sleep in a long time last night.(full of strange dreams though)
Today I also picked up 'Vagabond 2' because I finished 1 Friday.
vagabond 2
Takehiko Inoue is a story teller to be studied. His work moves me and has me rethinking just how I ink a page.

Now as I sit here with my bottle of BBC Coffeehouse Porter.(this is a great ale)
I wonder just what this year is going to bring me.
Maybe the ability to leave the day job behind and at last become a full time comic creator
for both my own work and for others.
Will I at last meet someone and stop feeling and being alone?I can only hope and maybe work at.

Well that's it for this short blog.

Be Well All.

Cancer Horoscope for week of December 31, 2009
Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology

I think everyone should always have an improbable quest playing at the edges of their imagination -- you know, some heroic task that provokes deep thoughts and rouses noble passions even if it also incites smoldering torment. I'm talking about an extravagant dream that's perhaps a bit farfetched but not entirely insane; a goal that constantly rouses you to stretch your possibilities and open your mind further; a wild hope whose pursuit makes you smarter and stronger even if you never fully accomplish it. The coming year would be an excellent time to keep such an adventure at the forefront of your awareness.


this is a good way to start my year!
and right after the blue moon.


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