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Why Black & White ?
Some time ago I was asked why I did not want to do Keepers in color.Cost was my answer.
That's plain and simple but not really true.
For the truth I'll have to say B&W comics are special to me.
I grew up reading comics like so many others back in the 70's, Getting my comics at the drugstore spinning rack or 7-11 store.In 1978 my Grandmother brought back from England a stack of comics from the UK. They were magazine size most on newsprint and all B&W with color covers.
comix 001
The artwork really jumped out at me. I think because now without color, I looked at the line work and how space was used. Also not to mention that the comics were nothing like American books.I should also add that even the Marvel comics were in B&W and magazine size.This had me hooked, I also realized this was the closest I had ever seen what a finished page of comic work looked like before the color was added. I really liked this look. *yup, I was hooked on ink*Then this happened also in 1978.
comix 002
ELFQUEST... My Dad had started bringing me to a real comic shop in East Hartford CT called The Bookie.And in 1978 there they were, Issues 1,2 & 3 sitting on a magazine shelf. These blew my mind as a kid who loved this sort of fantasy thing. I could not help but think that this was so much better then the Conan magazine.Elfquest did more then just change my view on color to B&W comics, But what comics could be as far as story and content.
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By 1984 the comics field was really changing and books like Dave Sim's Cerebus along with Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really made me start looking for the indy press creators.Through the 80's and into the 90's there was so many creators putting out work and most of them still are.
I even at the age of 16, Started thinking that maybe someday this is what I wanted to do. I won't even go into my discovery of MANGA in the mid to late 1980's. Which my love for is still going strong today.So as you can see, It's more then just a cost effective reason.
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In August of 1991, I tried my hand at self publishing with KEEPERS.With some good press and better then favorable reviews I was unable to go beyond 3 issues. All because of low finances and bad planning and a few bad decisions on my behalf. It's been a long hard road, And Now I will soon begin a new.

I'll soon be published with the help of Wilder Publications in a graphic novel format.

Why a graphic novel series? Because I want to give people a solid full story at an affordable price like I have see done with manga books and really, Times have changed. Maybe someday I'll do a bimonthly comic. But not right now.

And yes, It will most likely be in Black & White.

Now I have been away from Live Journal for a long time.
I will be back from time to time to keep this site a little more updated.
But you can find much more at my facebook page:


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