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Another Sad Day with the passing of a Great Artist.
A few hours ago I learned of the passing of Jeffrey Catherine Jones.
I wanted to post something. But what?
I poured a cup of coffee and put on Led Zeppelin's Latter Days vol 2.
Just to help me get my thoughts in order.Having been sick with a cold
these last two weeks,writing my thoughts down has not been very easy.
I'll start with a photo.
Every so often artist come together and there was such a time as that for Jeffrey Catherine Jones.
I knew of his work years ago and was a fan.
Now a few years ago I made friends with him on facebook and discovered he was now a she (transgendered)and thought to myself If I should call her Catherine.
Now I know some people might say OMG! but it had no impact other then being happy with ones self is all that truly matters. Now that is all I'm going to say on that and I only mentioned it here for those that may get confused because you didn't know any better of that.
So many web sites are up today posting all kinds of news on her passing.
But I wanted to do my very little part so her work won't be forgot, and maybe some of you out there have never heard of her yet you saw her work over the years.
Please check this link out to see the The documentary on her,and there are a few clips.
Here is another comics news site I use.
The first time I saw her work was on book covers when I was a kid about the age of 10 or 11.
She was to me another artist up there with Frazetta.
Now I never "knew" her and I feel very fortunate to have had any contact at all with her over the internet.
Here are just a few of Her works.
These photos don't even scratch the surface of her body of work.
I feel we loss her to soon.
I so wish I could say more but I have not the words.


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