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Comics a changing industry.
I could not help but want to write today my thoughts on how comics are changing.
and now with Wizard Magazine folding I see so many places they could have saved money
and prospered.They could have been a resource to both people in the industry and fans.
But like so many others, we saw the writing on the wall for Wizard and that if they did not change
they soon would be gone.
and now it has come to pass.

But the Industry.
it survives and changes. conventions are big business now and are so over crowded it boggles the mind.
Just 10 years ago I would barely break even doing sketches now at the last show I did. I drew more in
a weekend than I do in the studio in over a two day period.
people are more willing to try out something new and it seems are hungry for it.
I do think the salvation for the independent comics creator is the graphic novel or maybe more in the line
of the way Manga is produced.
Shonen Jump is 320 pages, color cover with a black & white dimensions are roughly 7"x10"
with a cover price of $4.99. (No wonder it's the world's most popular Manga)
or even smaller sized Manga is priced between $7.99 - $10.99 with roughly 200 pages.
the thought of putting out a 120 page book out three or four times a year could really break up the stress and it has a longer shelf life in book stores like Barns & Noble and Diamond does not have to be your only distributor (amazon is a good thing). unlike doing a 28 page book every month where if your lucky you get picked up by a comic shop let alone Diamond.

Now let me jump back to the fan market.

comics going digital is also a good thing for us creators and opens ground for all the web comic people.
But I still think it has a year or two before we get a hand held like an iPad the right size where as a fan were happy with it.
I use to think the market was doomed because it was getting to the point that creators were doing work only other creators would read. Not true! I see 10 year old kids getting into comics all the time now and the female ratio has jumped. No I don't have 'stats' I see it when I go out and at conventions.
I think as creators we just had to wait. the market will grow and it is,as long as there is good material out there.

what is bad is the waist. over pricing and flooding the market with crap is a way to kill the market (I won't bother on what companies do that).

people only have so much money to spend on comics,Manga,movies, books, music and video games. So like myself,will only spend it on quality not quantity.

Now I could be wrong and maybe I'm seeing something that others don't. But I have faith in our industry and in all the new fans that are made everyday out in the world. Just think right now there is a kid out there who just discovered comics. (I'm saying this because a friend of mine has a 10 year old son who just discovered Spawn) and now everything is comics to this kid and now his Mom is a fan because she reads them before he does) That's our future! these will be the people that will keep comics alive.

So if you read this whether you agree or not.

this is just how I see it.

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Change and evolution is inevitable, but it can be a boon, growth, if you are prepared to run with it.

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