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WOW! Two post in one week!...
So I am going to try to be a little more active here on LJ.
having three facebooks really has taken me away from here.
yes,that's right three. One is for friends and artist that I know
and the other is my fan site for Philip Owen's KEEPERS.
This one is open to all so I don't have to really do anything but post
Now if your someone I know here on LJ and you have a facebook also and want to
interact with me. My personal fb is
Now I also started a group that meets up the second Thursday of every month
the "Drink and Draw Social Club-Western MA Chapter" this has slowly grown
and is a lot of fun.!/group.php?gid=131288316924008
So as you can see I have been making good use of fb.

Wicked Faire is just around the corner and I will be attending. but I will not have a table.
I go to this event just to have fun and shop.
I will be posting the shows I'll be at that I'll have a table sometime in January.

Everyone Have a wonderful Yule and a Happy Christmas!

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LJ is much more user-friendly IMO. FB is a bit of a production and at times, a whole lot of drama.

Ah, Wicked Faire...I booked my room way in advance, but chances of me actually making it are 10-20%. I'd love to go, especially since Pennsic may not be in the cards this year....we'll see.

Kudos on starting up Drink & Draw, sounds like fun!!

Got the room all set for Wicked Faire also.
Pennsic also (yet again) may not be in the cards also. with wanting to
have a graphic novel out means I will have to work my ass off to push it.
So conventions and shows come first.
and Thanks on the kudos. It was not easy to get people wanting to show up for Drink & Draw, but now people seem really into it and bummed if they miss one.

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