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Happy Summer Solstice...
It's been some time since I blogged here or anywhere.
I have been busy and free time has been hard to come by.
The main reason for this blog right now is to just put some things in perspective.
In 20 days I'll be turning 43. Yup on July 11th. I will be celebrating it all that weekend
at CT-Con alone or with this time I have no idea.
Now for something scary that happened to me.On June 17 about 9:45 I blacked out while at
the vet with my cat Bear (I hit the floor). Now this was followed by a second blackout while sitting.
The EMT's were called in to check me out and it turns out I had low blood pressure.
there is a little more,But what it comes down to is I have to start eating right and getting a little more sleep then I do. Also,I need to take time away from the day job and soon.
Now In the last month I also can add Storyboard artist to my skills.More on this when all is said and done. I will say that from what I can see is that I will be working with some great and talented people.
I have so much work ahead of me.
And maybe...just maybe,I'll be able to attend Pennsic.
So a Happy Summer Solstice! and may this be a fruitful fun summer for all.
(but I must admit I am a fall person)

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You were missed this past weekend! I'm hope Bear, AND you, are feeling better! Low blood pressure can be just as dangerous as high blood pressure. If I remember correctly, you were WITH me at Pennsic topside when I almost passed out (from lack of sleep and food) and Elowyn Ka told me to eat a sandwich! Take care of yourself, and here's hoping that the day job will be something of the past, and you can be happy, healthy, creative and much more well-rested. *HUGS* Hope you make it to Pennsic!

I really hope I make it also. It's been to long since I was last at Pennsic.
I miss you and yes I am taking care of myself.

um...what? only know english. sorry.

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